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FROM: Anonymous
All in all you missed quite a portion on dreadlocks. They are international. They are both Hindu, Rastafarian and White. For god sakes Vikings had them.

"But the Celts wore dreadlocks too!"

"Germanic, Gallic, and Celtic hairstyles, prior to Roman Conquest, and subsequent Anglo-/Germanic empire-building were absolutely not dreadlocks as we speak of them.

Besides that, do White Americans wear dreads because they saw them on Vikings and Hindus? Or did they wear them because they saw them on an Black person? Take a guess.


I would like to rename this post ”People I know exist, but refuse to defend”. The voices of the people in this post are voices that should not be amplified. Literally every single statement made me uncomfortable, and I’m going to explain why below the cut. Please know that I am not in every group mentioned below, so don’t hesitate to message me if I said something incorrect/inappropriate. Each point is long enough to be its own post, but I felt like condensing it all into one. I apologize for the length!

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FROM: Anonymous
I honestly really love you Eva, in a big sister kind of way. I find you to be an amazing role model with fantastic morals and viewpoints in life, and you're just an overall amazing person. Keep doing what you do, hon! :D <3

I’ve been trying to think of a response to this ever since you sent it

Honestly this message means a lot to me! I’m really happy to be viewed as a big sister. Even though I never claimed to be a role model because I’m not perfect, it’s wonderful that people can see something inspiring in me. Had it not been for my inspirations, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. People like that are essential to becoming the person you most want to be. I’m happy to be that for you. I’m really happy.